Are There Work-at-Home Jobs that Pay $100/Day?

For those on the fence about working from home, one of the biggest questions is usually along the lines of “can I actually make enough money working from home to replace my regular office job?”

The quick answer is this: yes, there are work-from-home jobs available online that can pay you the equivalent of $100 a day. 

And you’ll get all kinds– some might require a particular skill set, others a little bit of experience or training, or a bit of each, perhaps. Still, one hundred dollars a day is no easy money, which means you’ll be expected to put in the work for it. 

But make no mistake– earning this level of income from the relative comfort of your own home is tremendously fulfilling and validating.

Why $100/Day?

Other than that it’s a nice, round number, one hundred dollars a day seems to be a good benchmark for many work-at-home professionals.

Here in the Philippines, $100/day is about the equivalent of Php5000 a day. Multiply that by five working days a week, and that’s Php25,000 a week. Multiply that by four weeks a month, and that’s about Php100,000 in monthly income– not bad at all for any middle-class family.

In countries such as the United States, $100/day is about $12.50 an hour, assuming you put in eight hours of work a day. Depending on your skill level or how efficient you are, you can get things done in less time (thereby bringing up your hourly rate). 

Still, $100/day is a good amount to live off of, as it represents an amount that makes a work-from-home job a viable option for supporting yourself online– you get the bills paid, you put some food on the table, and have a little leftover for other household expenses and maybe even a  bit of savings.

Jobs That Pay (Around) $100/Day

$100/day should be a good enough amount to target or work towards to say for certain that, yes, you do have a viable work-from-home effort going on.

1. Chat Customer Service Support

Thanks to the explosion of e-commerce and online stores, you now have a plethora of companies all trying to sell all manners of products and services online: clothing, software, courses, and so on.

This also means you have a lot of opportunities available for customer service chat support positions, as many of these companies hire people to work from home and provide these services to their customers. 

These companies typically pay around fifteen dollars per hour. 

Chat support jobs are great for folks with a bit of customer service background that don’t like answering the phone. Of course, there are still a lot of phone-based customer service jobs still available out there (and many of these might even pay quite a bit of cash), but going the route of a chat customer service representative makes for a great alternative indeed.

Some chat customer service jobs worth checking out:

2. Copywriter

Another great source of income that can make you $100/day or more is that of a copywriter. Simply put: you’re tasked with creating blocks of text, articles, guides, or even bits of micro-copy that exist to help sell various products and services.

It’s a great gig because as long as people keep building new websites, new applications, new sales funnels, new ebooks, new brochures, and so on– there’s always a need for a few good writers to keep coming up with great content.

What exactly you might be writing about would greatly vary, and it depends on who you’ll be writing for. More casual, more everyday topics such as entertainment, fashion, or lifestyle might cost less (because just about anyone can write about those), while more specialized topics or subjects requiring a deeper, more authoritative dive (such as business, finance, law, medicine, or technology) can fetch higher prices.

Companies looking for copywriters might choose to get full-time employees, or might instead decide to go the freelance route, paying per finished submitted article, usually per word or blocks of say, 500-, 1000-, or even 2000-word increments.

Some writing job websites worth checking out:

For me, personally, writing is my thing. I’ve done tons of copy to help with sites’ own SEO efforts, social media content, or even just regular copy for websites and brochures for local clients– you’ll find no shortage of good, high-paying writing jobs if you know where to look.

3. Online Course Creator

Of all the recommendations on this list, being an online course creator is one that can give you wildly varying degrees of success.

This is because being an online course creator is a highly entrepreneurial endeavor and much of your success depends on quite a number of things:

  • The content of your course: is this a course people will find interesting enough?
  • Pricing: will people actually want to buy your course?
  • Marketing: will enough people actually find your course online?

That being said, there is so much opportunity for growth as an online course creator, and if you actually know what you’re doing you can potentially make tens of thousands of dollars each month with one such successful online course.

All you have to do is go look at courses being offered on sites such as Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn, to get a feel for what you need to start creating your own online course.

4. Transcriber

Audio transcribers are those work-from-home folks that are given sound files (of just about any kind) so that they can come up with typed-out text versions of these same audio files. This can be anything from legal or medical documents, speakers’ materials from a conference, transcriptions of video content, or just someone reciting something that needs to be transcribed.

There’s definitely an entire industry that relies on good transcription work, and there are also a good number of websites to help people become successful transcribers. That includes finding work for interested work-from-home freelancers or helping businesses who might want to hire a capable transcription professional.

A transcriber is typically available for an average of about $30 per hour, but it largely depends on which website you go with, or what project you might choose to sign up for. There are gigs that can pay as little as $9 per hour, while there are others can pay you as much as $50 per hour.

Another aspect of transcription work includes translation services, i.e. transcribing audio from one language to another language in text form. There is indeed a growing demand for these services as well in an effort to reach a more global market or a particular local audience.

Some transcription work websites worth checking out:

Thanks to the explosion of all sorts of content online– video, podcasts, tutorials, and webinars, etc.– you also see a demand for transcriptionists who are able to turn projects around quickly so that they can be published alongside these other pieces of content.

5. Virtual Assistant

Now, there are already a lot of professionals and C-level executives who have all manners of assistants working for them. But there’s still a huge opportunity out there for work-from-home job seekers to enter the virtual assistant space.

Virtual assistants run the gamut, which means they can be generalists doing all sorts of basic tasks such as answering email inquiries, proofreading, or generating leads, or they can be doing highly-specialized work such as project management, outbound calls, or digital marketing work. The important thing is they do their tasks remotely, and all in the service of a higher-level executive.

You can expect a great deal of competition in this field, however, as lots of people are basically considering the route of a virtual assistant as their initial step into the world of work-from-home. But this also means that while you do have a lot of highly-qualified VA’s, you also have those that aren’t quite cut out for this kind of a job.

As such, success would depend on how you market yourself and which websites you choose to work with. If you choose to go with the more common or, then don’t expect to make more than $7 an hour. This should be OK for those just starting out, but if you do have quite a bit of experience under your belt, then consider other sites that connect more skilled VAs with companies that need them.

There are good virtual assistant websites out there that can help place you with a good client, and you can expect to earn upwards of $15 per hour for your services.

6. Virtual Bookkeeper

What does a virtual bookkeeper do? Essentially, a bookkeeper is just someone who helps a business or an individual keep their finances organized.

Now, there are many different ways that you can learn how to become a bookkeeper: you can actually get a two- or a four-year degree that will teach you everything you need to know about bookkeeping, you can take a short-term training program online that teaches you how to be a bookkeeper, or you can just go right ahead and learn on the job.

A virtual bookkeeper can earn somewhere around the range of $20 per hour, and this is an excellent work-from-home opportunity for anyone so inclined. You can work for local clients or even remote clients, working on their bookkeeping requirements online.

Interestingly enough, while there are different types of financial professions for online work (such as an accountant or financial advisor), most of these jobs do require some type of degree or certification or some other prerequisite. Such is not the case for a virtual bookkeeper, however: anyone can be a bookkeeper so long as they know what they’re doing. Of course, a certification wouldn’t hurt at all, but if you’re looking for a foothold in the world of business finance, then being a virtual bookkeeper is a good bet for you.

7. YouTuber

Finally, you can run your own successful YouTube channel.

According to Gillian Perkins in her video, “7 Work-at-Home Jobs that Pay $100/Day (or More!)”, at the time the video was published (June 2018), she has about 75,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, which pays her a bit over $3000 per month– which is the equivalent of about $100 per day.

Is this a realistic figure? Is this something attainable? Absolutely so, according to Gillian. “I think that seventy-five thousand subscribers is a number that really, anyone can attain if they put in the work and they learn what it takes to become successful on Youtube.”   

Just for reference, Gillian shares that “when my channel only had about twenty thousand subscribers, I was making about $1500 or so dollars every single month, which is a quite decent wage for someone who has a very small YouTube channel.”

Gillian Perkins’ YouTube channel today (in January 2020) has 317,000 subscribers.

“Also, I can’t not mention that even though is one hundred dollars per day it’s a lot more per hour than a lot of these other jobs, because I only put about two hours per day into running my YouTube channel, so that means that I’m turning around fifty dollars an hour.” 

Gillian offers classes on how to build a successful YouTube channel via this video, where she talks about behind-the-scenes lessons on her own channel, with lots of tips to help interested folks start making money on their own YouTube projects.

A Final Word About High-Paying Work-From-Home Jobs

While not an exhaustive list, we hope that this gives you enough of an idea that, yes, you can make quite a bit of money through work-from-home jobs, even make a viable career out of it should you be so inclined.

$100/day is indeed very much realistic and can be attained with a considerable degree of experience, perseverance, and– to an extent– luck. It’s not something for most of those still building a name and portfolio for themselves, but it is something to aspire for and work towards so that you can make a good enough level of income working from home in several months’ time.

We haven’t even covered other jobs such as those that require coding, or a bit of creativity such as graphic design and video editing. There’s a lot of money to be made online, and if you’re looking for the right time to jump right in– that moment is now.

There are lots of websites out there where you can find a suitable online job for yourself.  Aside from the links we’ve shared above, here are a few of our other favorite sites for landing a remote job, a part-time (but regular) gig, or even a few freelance projects:

That’s not even counting various work-from-home groups on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit, or some of our favorite work-from-home-centric websites from other digital entrepreneurs and digital nomads such as ourselves.

I hope this is a good start for you, however, and that our recommendations on this post can inspire you to start your work-from-home career today!

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